Paweł Miazga is a Polish photographer, born in Libia in 1977. At an early age he moved several times with his parents who worked in different parts of Africa. At the time this resulted in high curiosity of different cultures and the will to save the moments of life on the film. Interests in photography led him to the studies at the Academy of Photography in Cracow.
Paweł uses different styles and different mediums to create his works, which usually show human beings and their stories as the main interest.
Pawel's photographs have been exhibited at:
- "Galeria sztuki nieprofesjonalnej" in Lublin (IV'15)- "Indie"
- "Tytano" in Cracow (XII'18)- "2"
- "Noc Kultury" in Lublin (VIII'19)- "Space Oddity"